Infrageeks is an IT consulting firm based in France near Paris.

Erik Ableson - An IT generalist with over 20 years of experience spanning multiple technology generations at different layers in the IT organisation. My passions are all about keeping things running with a minimum of complexity which has led me through all facets of the infrastructure, from micro scale to large implementations at all layers in the IT stack.

Currently focussed on the concepts of platforms at the storage, security, networking and virtualisation layers including from identity management, directory systems, application development and deployment, networking, virtualisation and storage.

Dabbling in development work mostly oriented towards DevOps type tools and iOS.

I am available for consulting on any of the above topics and can be contacted at or you can find me on Twitter at @eableson Mastodon at or LinkedIn.

In previous life I was cofounder of Rewind Technologies, a managed backup service based on Retrospect back in the late 1990’s.

I am vendor-independent and do not have any commercial partner or reseller relationships. I do follow training and technology partnerships in order to ensure that I maintain abreast of technology changes and vendor best practices.

As a Canadian, I reserve the right to spell virtualisation with an ‘s’ or a ‘z’ as the mood (and autocorrect) strikes me.

My little place on the web

In the interests of supporting the open web, I’m focussing on putting up my stuff here instead of any of the myriad platforms available today.

Topics of interest here are all about IT in general, with a focus on infrastructure and storage as well as Apple and it’s ecosystem. Occasional forays into politics may happen.