SSH OneShot

SSH OneShot is a little iPhone app that lets you store individual ssh commands that you run on your computer or server. oneShot Lite is limited to two folders for organizing your commands, but unlimited folders are available as an in-app purchase. End of Life Since Shortcuts integrated an SSH Shortcut action, SSHOneShot’s reason for being pretty much disappeared. In the meantime, the cost of licensing the SSH library is costing more than the revenue for the app, so it is now EOL and no longer published on the App Store. [Read More]

Auto Replicate

Here’s a little script I put together to simplify my life dealing with ZFS replication. Sources available on github The idea was to have a simple one liner that would replicate a source filesystem to a remote filesystem with a minimum of options to deal with. It does not create any snapshots itself - you have to take them yourself - Time Slider or some other snapshot scheduling method that works for you. [Read More]

Auto Backup

A script that I’ve been trying to find the time to write for quite some time now, but kept getting distracted. But finally, here it is (mostly so that I can start using it myself) for handling backups to local destinations that may or may not be online at any given moment. Source available on Github. Quick start Create a zpool (e.g. backup1) on an external device Ensure that you have a snapshot on your source filesystem Launch the script with the arguments “sourcepool/filesystem backup1” That’s it. [Read More]